our history

from 1750 until now


Oil mill used in the production of fine and healthy Garda olive oil


Inn for pilgrims and travelers


Pension for workers and tourists


Moscolo family takes care of the hotel management


We, the “new” owners, try to honor the beauty and uniqueness of Pai

The history of this enchanting place starts with an ancient millstone. It is 1750 and here, in the hamlet of Pai, there is an oil mill where the inhabitants of the village bring their ripe olives to transform them into yellow and precious oil. In the same building, after almost a century, pilgrims and wayfarers stop after their journey to refresh themselves and to find some rest.

In the 1920s the simple inn becomes a small pension; first to host the workers involved in the construction of the Gardesana road and, once its construction is completed, to welcome the first tourists looking for mild climate, exciting landscapes and good food.

From the second post-war period, the native Moscolo family takes care of what is slowly turning into a small hotel. Here Maria, one of the daughters of the family, spends her summers welcoming tourists from all over Europe…

…and then we arrive. We fall in love with this place and we buy it in 2008 renovating every corner a little at a time in the following years. As native inhabitants of this place we do our best to honor this tradition of welcoming and rediscovering the territory.

A lot of time has passed from the beginning to today and many things have changed: the pension has become a 3-star hotel, the few tourists have become many, the small kitchen has been transformed into a restaurant with a panoramic terrace … almost everything has changed, except the millstone. That is still here, solid and impassive, it stays there and observes those who arrives and those who leaves, witness of our continuous improvement and the timeless charm of the lake.